My name is Gustav Adell. Is 35 years old and lives in Linköping. Golf has been my life since I was little.

There are no shortcuts to success. The one who trains the most and the best also becomes the best. These have been my mottos since my first. Already as a 15-year-old I made my first appearance in the boys’ national team. My amateur career was successful and this made me choose to become a professional. It was at this stage that I was forced to take a longer break from competition due to a back injury. The Swedish Golf Association then took over my positions and I was, among other things, captain of the Swedish European Championship team. After hard and a long rehabilitation in 2004 and 2005, I was once again able to set myself my big goal of getting out on one of the world’s biggest tours.

I have had the opportunity to work with the game of golf for many years, which is rare. I had a successful amateur career as a player with highlights such as European Championship gold. With over 40 assignments for Sweden’s national team, I chose in 2006 to become a professional. I have played on many of the world tours all the way up to the European Tour, for many years. On lower tours I have won about ten competitions with 4 winters in the Nordic league. I have always, in addition to my own golf investment, had the opportunity to train and coach others with their golf through instruction, old and young, beginners and professionals, I see a great joy in following the development. With my great commitment, I want to inspire my students and share my experience. I have also had a number of coaching assignments where I both lectured on training methods and was a coach.